Warning Regarding Scams

These days, online scammers are finding more and more creative ways to try and get at your hard earned money or personal information.

Procrastinators’ Portfolio

When saving for retirement, it’s never too late. It’s a situation stressful enough to send most people’s anxiety levels sky-high. You wake up one morning, you’re 50, and you have no retirement savings. Unfortunately, many Canadians are heading toward that scenario or, worse, are living it. According to two Ipsos-Reid polls released earlier this year, […]

Smart spending: Learn your financial disposition.

According to financial planner and author Diane McCurdy, people have “financial attitudes” unique to them, and these attitudes shape how we should go about planning for retirement. “There are strengths and weaknesses in each; the problem is that if you take that weakness of the financial personality too far, you could get into financial trouble,” McCurdy said. McCurdy compiled her expertise […]

Twenty Key Strategies for Making Enough

Peace of mind is your reward for following the How Much Is Enough? program. If you’re on track for your Enough Number, enjoy today’s pleasures without worry. If you’re not on track, you’ll know your choices for doing what you have to do. It may be as easy as saving a few more dollars a […]

How can I save when just living takes all the money I’ve got?

It’s very tough when you’re stretched to the limit. If your situation will probably change in a few years, you might be able to make up for not saving now. But if you think you’ll be at this same level for some time, you really need to create a cushion for yourself. First, be very […]