How Much is Enough

The third and most recent edition of How Much Is Enough? can be found in bookstores and on Published by John Wiley & Sons, it features completely updated financial information as well as an appendix published in 2013.

A top financial planner for 25 years, Diane wrote How Much Is Enough? to address the questions, confusions and insecurities about money that she’s seen time after time in her office. As Diane says: “When people leave my office, they’re smiling. They may be in debt up to their eyeballs, but at least they know precisely what they have to do to get debt-free and to build the retirement they want, and they know where the money is hiding.”

The How Much Is Enough? program works for Diane’s clients. And people everywhere are waking up to the need for effective financial planning. In How Much is Enough? you’ll identify and address the underlying attitudes that influence your behavior toward money. You’ll make a wish list based in reality and you’ll find the money you need to make that wish list come true. And even if you think you’ve left it too late, Diane will show you how it’s never too late to get started on finding financial peace of mind.


In Part 1, Diane introduces readers to the “Enough” number— the amount you need to save to retire comfortably. She helps us discover our number by coaching us to discover our definitive Money Attitude, a quest that’s fun, informative, and ultimately life-transforming. By understanding their attitudes, readers will understand why they spend as well as how much they spend – and that will make for an accurate “Enough” number.


Once readers discover their “Enough” number, they gain the key to successful retirement planning. Now the work begins. Part 2 helps you learn to love budgeting, find sound financial advice, make your money grow and much, much more. You’ll learn to decode RRSPs and TFSAs, and avoid family pitfalls. It turns out “financial freedom” isn’t just for people who win the lottery.