Diane McCurdy

Diane McCurdy is one of Canada’s foremost financial planners. She established McCurdy Financial Planning, long before the term “financial planner” became a common industry designation.

As a member of the insurance industry’s Million Dollar Roundtable, Diane believes her clients need financial advice in all areas of their lives. Her passion for her clients’ success has grown into a financial program that has helped thousands attain their goals, and led to her publishing “How Much is Enough? Balancing Today’s Needs with Tomorrow’s Retirement Goals”. It has become a Canadian bestseller helping thousands more achieve financial peace of mind.

Diane is in demand as an industry knowledge leader. She has given countless media interviews and has addressed audiences throughout the Americas as a keynote speaker. During those rare times when she isn’t at the office with clients, guiding her team, or sharing her knowledge, she loves an invigorating hike on a challenging trail.